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BATTLELORE - The Last Alliance

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Product Type: CD
Title: The Last Alliance
Catalogue Number: NPR 258
Genre: Epic Metal, Fantasy Metal, Symphonic Metal

With their fifth album the Finns of Battlelore return once again to Tolkien's legendary world Middle Earth. "The Last Alliance" is a true gem, in which the band delivers innovative songs, while remaining true to their roots. They effortlessly combine impressive heavy metal guitars, dreamy keyboard melodies, and an uncanny attention to detail to create an array of catchy songs. In the midst of it all are Tomi Mykkänen and Kaisa Jouhki, who with the exchanges of Uruk-hai screams and tender female vocal passages dictate the direction of the fellowship. The full, yet clean sound is the work of Swedish legend Dan Swanö and the optic appeal is provided for by Ingo Römling of Monozelle.