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OHM: - Amino Acid Flashback

Our Price: $ 21.99
Product Type: CD
Artist: OHM:
Title: Amino Acid Flashback
Catalogue Number: 3024-2
Genre: Heavy Metal

MEGADETH lead-guitarist Chris Poland and his band OHM: have taken their sophomore record, pushed it over the edge, crushed all walls of conventional fusion and have laid down one of the most brazen, nitro-burning instrumental records you’ll ever hear.

“This record consists of 25 years of blood, sweat and tears. This record is us doing both a 180 degree turn-around and a full 360 degree circle. This record is our heart and soul, our convictions and everything we stand for. It was all caught on tape with the help of Petar Sardelich who is one of the few people who just knew what direction we wanted to take the band. We hope you enjoy”…C.P