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RAISON D'ETRE - In Sadness, Silence And Solitude

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Product Type: CD
Title: In Sadness, Silence And Solitude
Catalogue Number: CMI157
Genre: Dark Ambient

Fully re-mastered for maximum sound fidelity. In addition, the original artwork has splendidly been re-worked and recent live versions of two original album tracks have been added to extend the already great experience with more than 16 bonus minutes! Mammoth stone walls stretching high into the unknown, dark cellars stewn with bones and ashes. The long deleted 'In Sadness, Silence an Solitude', the fourth fullength album of Raison d'etre and first released in 1997, is yet another astonishing piece of dark ambiental chants mixed with industrial elements and deep droones. This album is dark yet ultimately beautiful to the point of being indescribable, which one must hear to fully comprehend!!!