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ABGOTT - Godfather In Black

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Product Type: CD
Artist: ABGOTT
Title: Godfather In Black
Catalogue Number: H&H 004
Genre: Black Metal

ABGOTT have always been a full on surprise extreme metal band. ‘Godfather In Black’ is no exception. So much so, the artistic innovations that defines their career to date, places it at the cutting edge of extreme music. “It is the musical translation of the darkness and evil that dwells inside every human being,” screams front man Agamoth. But it’s his use of changes in atmosphere, odd tempos, fast and furious Bpms, which is making up of the language Abgott uses for a dialect. But volume speaks louder than words. The album is uncontrollably angry, sadistic and masochistic with a will for destruction. The language of Abgott may be a risk in black metal terms, but it’s a risk worth indulging in.

“With a weightier and sharper production, Godfather In Black is a more effective showcase for the Londoners' ability to switch from Emperor-like prog indulgence to heads down, snow-blasted thrashing is forcefully illuminated.” 8/10 - Dom Lawson Metal Hammer

“The group has always been heavily, one of the most technical black metal bands out there and this was like the ghost of Frank Zappa had suddenly joined in and was jamming away.” Pete Woods Terrorizer