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ABORYM - Generator

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Product Type: Digi CD
Artist: ABORYM
Title: Generator
Catalogue Number: SOM 123
Genre: Black Metal

Italian Black Metal purveyors ABORYM present their brand-new killer album "Generator"! After their latest album "With No Human Intervention" the astral entity known as ABORYM returns with a "mind bending" slab of electro black metal! Hailed by their black metal peers and fans alike, the band has released three records since its inception in the mid 90’s, all critically acclaimed. On "Generator" legendary vocalist Attila Csihar (MAYHEM, TORMENTOR) makes his farewell performance with the band on the "Man Bites God" song. While Bård G. Eithun "Faust" (ex-EMPEROR, SCUM) becomes a permanent member of ABORYM.