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ABSU - The Third Storm Of Cythraul

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Product Type: CD
Artist: ABSU
Title: The Third Storm Of Cythraul
Catalogue Number: OPCD 045
Genre: Black Metal, Thrash Metal

Cantankerous, contemptible, and courageous - the Cythrául Klan of ABSU still carry a parlous reputation, even among their ancient yet adamant enemies. Before being confined to a "Texas black thrash" classification, they masterminded and executed their own breed of mythological occult metal for over ten years now. The vigorous audio legend to Tara is the termination of a trilogy and the ultimate aspect of their progenitors and prestidigitation. Tara consists of two phases: Ioldánach's Pedagogy & The Cythrául Klan's Scrutiny. These phases metaphysically chart their wars, deities, metastasis, barbarism, methods of knighthood, craftsmanship in liquefying metal and stone - their rise to the knoll of High Kingship. Celtic traditions have survived and flowered in the dynasty of their music. ABSU perpetually hold great power in, underneath, and above this Earth: from V.I.T.R.I.O.L to Cythrául, then to the perennial apex of Tara. Here resounds another invigorating account of bizarre spells from their minds' eye. Everyone else dies!