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AETERNUS - A Darker Monument

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Product Type: CD
Title: A Darker Monument
Catalogue Number: ECLIPSE 024
Genre: Death Metal

Aeternus stands as the creators of an extreme music-style that is defined best as Dark Metal. Fast, aggressive, intense and brutal, yet calm and beautiful at times. The lyrics within the realm of Aeternus are to be dark as the music. Thoughts and emotions are usually the main key element behind their darkened lyrics. Bringing up atmospheres of warriors and battles and the mystic and mighty powers of nature. In 1994, Aeternus released their one and only demo: “Walk my Path”, which sold very well in the underground scene. In 1995 Aeternus signed a small contract with the Czech label View Beyond Records, who later the same year released the legendary “Dark Sorcery” MCD. This MCD led to the interest from various labels. In 1996, Aeternus decided to sign with the Dutch label Hammerheart Records. During the years with Hammerheart Records, Aeternus released several strong album titles and became a strong name in the Metal scene worldwide. Aeternus has always been an active live band and have become a well-established live act. They have toured with bands such as Deicide, Mayhem, Red Harvest, Cannibal Corpse, Emperor, Aura Noir, Marduk, Behemoth, Limbonic Art, etc. After the 2001 album “Ascension of Terror”, Aeternus departed with Hammerheart Records.Shortly after Aeternus’ crushing performance on the Inferno Festival 2002, the band inked a 3-album deal with Nocturnal Art Productions. (2003).