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AFGRUND - Vid Helvetets Grindar

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Product Type: CD
Title: Vid Helvetets Grindar
Catalogue Number: CANDLE278CD
Genre: Grindcore

Afgrund is a Swedish band started in 2006 by Andreas Baier and Olle Ferner and Patrik Howe (from bands such as 21 Lucifers, Mareridden, Vi (ex-Clean Shade of Dirty), Penile Suffocation, Avsmak)). 1½ month later the 5-track demo CD Hjärtslag och Djupa Andetag (Heartbeats and Deep Breaths) was recorded. The demo CD received a lot of good response and 1½ month later they got contacted by polish label Lifestage Productions to sign for an album. In autumn 2006 drummer Olle Ferner decided to quit the band due to a lack of interest. After completing the Grind Tour de Pologne VI in Poland with 17-year-old stand-in drummer Panu Posti from Finnish hc-grind band Büfo the band decided to keep him.