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Product Type: Digibook CD
Title: After Forever
Catalogue Number: NB 1811-0
Genre: Symphonic Metal, Symphonic Rock

"After Forever". That is simply the title of the fifth album from Dutch Metal band AFTER FOREVER. Why? Because all their musical ingredients have been consolidated on this record. This makes "After Forever", their debut for German label Nuclear Blast, a seminal album in their catalog. With "After Forever", the band revisits all the styles they have showcased on their previous work while simultaneously hinting at things to come. There are also some prominent guest appearances on the record – Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR) and singer Doro Pesch (ex-WARLOCK). They have the obvious combination of Metal and classical themes, but can just as easily implement Rock, Pop, industrial and progressive styles into their songs. At their inception in 1995, AFTER FOREVER made waves with their mix of Death Metal and classical music. With the inclusion of Floor Jansen two years later, the music took on a more diverse theme without ever losing its roots in the classical influences. After two demos the band released "Prison of Desire" in 2000, followed by "Decipher", "Invisible Circles" and "Remagine". Fueled by the raving reviews from many press pundits, the band dared to evolve more, touring Europe and South America. In Holland, the band has played every stage there is, partly through tours with NIGHTWISH and CHARON. Now, in 2007, AFTER FOREVER is ready to make their latest breakthrough. A new album, new production team, new label and a world-wide tour will make their upcoming ten year anniversary a true milestone.