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AGENT STEEL - Alienigma

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Product Type: CD
Title: Alienigma
Catalogue Number: M 7228 2
Genre: Heavy Metal

The legend that is AGENT STEEL began in 1984 when JOHN CYRIIS and CHUCK PROFUS created the idea of forming a speed metal band with the lyrical focus centered on science fiction and extraterrestrial themes. Not only was the concept entirely different from anything that had gone before, the music also reflected the uniqueness of the idea. Thrash metal was in its very early stages. This same year, AGENT STEEL recruited JUAN GARCIA from ABATTOIR and the AGENT STEEL - SKEPTICS APOCALYPSE album deal was recorded. The second studio album; UNSTOPPABLE FORCE which was recorded at the legendary Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida received incredible reviews throughout Europe for the stunning musicianship and fantastic vocals and it seemed the only way was up for AGENT STEEL. Major labels began to court the band in 1987 but internal difficulties forced Juan, Bernie, and bass player, MIKE ZAPUTIL, from the fold. Chuck and John carried on with new members but the magic, for the moment, had been lost. AGENT STEEL disbanded entirely in 1988. The band re-formed in 1999 and also saw AGENT STEEL perform in WACKEN to rave reviews and release the universally acclaimed OMEGA CONSPIRACY. In 2003 AGENT STEEL unleashed their unique brand of metal on the world with their fourth full-length studio album entitled ORDER OF THE ILLUMINATI. The album contains controversial lyrics, memorable riffs, layered guitar harmonies and out of this world vocals combined for an hour long sonic metal battering. AGENT STEEL reveal a message too powerful for the meek and too sincere to be anything but ABSOLUTE METAL. The band recently signed to Mascot Records and will be releasing their long awaited studio album on Sept. 20, 2007 entitled "ALIENIGMA" with an upcoming European tour to support the new album.