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ALL MY FAITH LOST - As You're Vanishing In Silence

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Product Type: Digi CD
Title: As You're Vanishing In Silence
Catalogue Number: CMI136
Genre: Dark Folk, Ethereal

This material possesses quality and individuality. With an acoustic instrumentation of guitars, flute, piano and violin along with the members, Viola and Federico's own technique, spirit and presence, All My Faith Lost create an openly honest sound that is hard to come by these days, with a purity that is almost painfully intense. Italian melancholic ethereal as we know from bands such as Gothica, Ordo Equitum Solis and also even some of the calmer dark-acoustic sets of Ain Soph, interwined with influences of the darkwave bands heard on the American label, Projekt. This is sound-balm for the ears, far away from daily stress and the disturbing noises of today. Volumes are low, lyrics are whispered - it's sparse, soft and dangerously seductive.