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CADAVERIA - In Your Blood

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Product Type: Digi CD
Title: In Your Blood
Catalogue Number: SOM 154
Genre: Black Metal, Gothic Metal, Symphonic Metal

Italy’s horror metal mistress is back with her third album! In 2001, female singer Cadaveria and drummer Marçelo Santos left their well-respected black metal ensemble OPERA IX to pursue a more original musical direction and create their own musical landscapes with artistic influences such as Dario Argento, Charles Baudelaire and David Lynch. On new album “In Your Blood”, they seamlessly travel from death to thrash, power to prog, traditional to new while complimenting and staying current with the trends of today. As the band preserves their original aggressiveness, Cadaveria’s vocal delivery shows more depth than ever and melds with the melodic direction of the music. This beauty is deadly!