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DAGOBA - Face The Colossus (DIGI) LTD

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Product Type: Digi CD
Artist: DAGOBA
Title: Face The Colossus (DIGI) LTD
Catalogue Number: SOM 181
Genre: Black Metal, Death Metal, Modern Metal

There is no escaping this monster: “Face the Colossus” comes crushing down like a ten-ton hammer. DAGOBA unleash the full fury of their fast and furious riffing crossbred with a pounding groove and surprisingly emotional passages. With their third album “Face the Colossus”, the French take the revolutionary spirit of their hometown Marseilles once again into the world of Modern Metal expanding on the sheer force of their early songs that still revealed influences like Pantera, Machine Head and Fear Factory as well as Death and Black Metal. Having gained a leading position in the fast growing new wave of French Metal the band more collaborated with renowned producer Tue Madsen for “Face the Colossus”, who created a monstrously massive, but still clear and crisp sound that was adapted for each song individually. DAGOBA are now ready for the next big step in their rocketing career: dare to “Face the Colossus”!

Produced by Tue Madsen (HALFORD, HIMSA).