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DAM - Purity - The Darwinian Paradox

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Product Type: CD
Artist: DAM
Title: Purity - The Darwinian Paradox
Catalogue Number: CANDLE119CD
Genre: Death Metal

Inspired by the mindblowing creativity of bands like Death, Carcass, At The Gates and Emperor, Dam formed in 1997 in London to seize the sacred flame and forge new extremities from these Metal legacies. Dam's skillfully crafted compositions and brutally compelling music have proven their enduring appeal to discerning listeners everywhere. From initial recordings through to their most recent work, “Purity: The Darwinian Paradox”, the band are steadily forging and perfecting their unique and twisted metal sculpture. Visceral and intense, “Purity..” leaves the sterile cliques of the existing death, black and thrash metal movements to poorly imitate their CD collections, while Dam’s extreme soul-driven dynamics and authentic sound come as a welcome deviation from today’s musical landscape of ultra-processed pseudo-metal blandness.