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EARTHTONE 9 - Hi-point (Remastered)

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Product Type: MCD
Title: Hi-point (Remastered)
Catalogue Number: COP034
Genre: Metal

Re-release of the limited edition ep (initial pressing only 2,000) from one of the uk’s best loved bands, and now enjoying a cult following. A founding member of the current uk scene having introduced the likes of lost prophets, hundred reasons, and raging speedhorn to the masses by being the first band to take them out on tour.

Charismatic frontman karl middleton said of the re-release - "it's good that those blokes at Copro have re-mastered the ep, bringing this closer to our original vision". whilst bassist dave anderson added - "what re-release?"

Re-mastered by dave chang at philia studios, with new artwork and packaging.

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