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ESTRADASPHERE - Palace Of Mirrors Live DVD

Our Price: $ 21.99
Product Type: Digi DVD
Title: Palace Of Mirrors Live DVD
Catalogue Number: TE088
Genre: Art Rock, Rock

Estradasphere is a band of multi-instrumentalists from an unlikely variety of musical backgrounds: jazz, classical and metal. Estradasphere's current album, Palace of Mirrors, showcases a cinematic music and production that connotes a narrative that cuts across time, space, and genre. Their live show is an extension of the surreal sci-fi storyline alluded to in the music. Now with the release of their upcoming DVD - which was a year in the making and truly captures that beguiling and explosive live show on film -- the band plans to continue striving for the next plateau in their evolutionary career. Comes in a lavish digi DVD style package which includes a DVD sized booklet that tells the story about Palace of Mirrors! Features members of SECRET CHIEFS 3 & MR BUNGLE!