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EX DEO - Caligvla LTD ED

Our Price: $ 25.99
Product Type: Digi CD
Artist: EX DEO
Title: Caligvla LTD ED
Catalogue Number: NPR 439 LTD
Genre: Death Metal, Symphonic Metal

Ltd First Ed 6-Page Digipack incl. Bonus Track. 2nd Album. Epic Roman Metal. Join The Legion ! First Orders will receive a FREE EXCLUSIVE FOLDED A2 EX DEO Poster. The Roman legion EX DEO continues its unstoppable campaign with the new musical opus "CALIGVLA". Under the leadership of the charismatic and vocally talented commander Mauriozio Iacono (also the frontman of KATAKLYSM), the band once again dedicates the album to the rich history of Ancient Rome and focuses particularly on the brutal and bloodthirsty time of Emperor Caligula. Fitting the historic content, the long player turns out to be a merciless und furious metal machine, with bombastic soundtrack parts and a phenomenal orchestra providing the finishing touches to this masterpiece. The driving rhythms match the steps of a marching army ready to conquer the world! Nobody and nothing is strong and brave enough to resist the might of "CALIGVLA"! Rome will be victorious, long live Epic Roman Metal!