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FAIRYTALE ABUSE - Perversions Of Angel VI

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Product Type: CD
Title: Perversions Of Angel VI
Catalogue Number: MAS CD0590
Genre: Melodic Black Metal

Fairytale Abuse was formed in 1998 and the first demo recorded in 1999 "Catharsis" was very well recieved in the press. Since then Fairytale Abuse has manifested itself as an unavoidable band within the melodic black metal genre. With a mini tour on the east coast of USA in 2001 and a lot of shows on the national scene the band has build up a lot of live-experience, playing with acts like Illdisposed, and Hatesphere. The debut-album "The Spirit Tower" was released worldwide in March 2006 on HateWorks Records and was a new milestone for the band. The fan base has been growing steadily since. The new album "Perversions of Angel VI" is the fastest and most brutal release by the band, yet without compromising the band´s unique melodic atmosphere. The album stands out as a well defined whole, delivering a sombre universe where expression, compositions and lyrics melt together and widens the boundaries of traditional black metal. The crisp and heavy production by Jan Borsing (Chtonic, Illnath) gives the album a final edge in perfecting its genre.