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FALCONER - Northwind

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Product Type: CD
Title: Northwind
Catalogue Number: 3984-14588-2
Genre: Heavy Metal

FALCONER were the newcomers of 2001! Their self-titled first album was highly praised everywhere and became one of the most successful debuts in the history of Metal Blade, being followed by another three high-quality albums in the years after.

In Fall 2006 fans will have reason to rejoice again, as the band deliver their fifth studio album “Northwind“. And the best part is: original singer Mathias Blad is back on board! It’s time to relive the magic of early FALCONER! But read for yourself, this is what mastermind Stefan Weinerhall had to say about the new material: “’Northwind", the fifth album of FALCONER, is a return to the folkish style after some experiments on the last one. Very melodic and catchy, and with Mathias back on vocals he gives the album that extra epic touch that none other can do. The album is not a concept album although the title sums up the atmosphere of both the music and the lyrics. From catchy metal to sweet ballads to medieval minstrels gone electrified, there’s something for all tastes. And by the way, all worries that FALCONER might not play live now that Mathias is back (which was the reason for the split the first time around) are completely unfounded, for Mr. Weinerhall has confirmed that the band will be appearing on stage in the near future.

May a powerful Northwind bring them to us soon!