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FALSE ICONS - God Complex

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Product Type: Digi CD
Title: God Complex
Catalogue Number: THP 010
Genre: Electro, Industrial Metal

Seasoned touring musician John Bechdel debuts his project False Icons on Ministry’s Al Jourgensen’s indie imprint 13th Planet Records with "False Icons" - delivering meaningful songs full of sleek sophisticated sounds, elegantly layered keyboards, heavy guitars, deep bass and a unique vocal style. Dark and powerful, they are a driving force, an inspirational journey of imagery and emotion that is sure to capture the attention of electro-industrial-synth-rock-trance-metal fans everywhere. Stepping out from behind the keyboard, Bechdel fronts False Icons on guitar and vocals and is joined by musicians Brian Broadt on keyboards, Mark Panek on drums, and David Brown on bass.

The keyboardist from acts such as MINISTRY, KILLING JOKE & FEAR FACTORY! For fans of NINE INCH NAILS!