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FEAR FACTORY - The Industrialist LTD ED

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Product Type: Digi CD
Title: The Industrialist LTD ED
Catalogue Number: AFM 390-9
Genre: Industrial Metal, Thrash Metal


Fear Factory’s musical and lyrical vision of Future Shock is the beating machine heart of  THE INDUSTRIALIST. There is a very obvious storyline rooted both in forward thinking science fiction but also in contemporary events including the Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous Movements. “There is a main character who is called ‘The Industrialist’,” states Burton, referring to the character at the heart of songs like “God Eater: or “”Virus of Faith”. “He’s a machine that has become self-aware and becomes a catalyst for change. The album has the loose concept  of a murder plot, with the realization that the automaton is becoming more human each day. The  last track on the album “Human Augmentation” is moment where machine becomes human and realizes its own humanity. That’s a thought that’s very key to the Fear Factory universe.