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FEJD - Eifur

Our Price: $ 25.99
Product Type: CD
Artist: FEJD
Title: Eifur
Catalogue Number: NPR 345
Genre: Folk Metal

2nd Album from the Swedish Band. Nordic Medieval Folk for Admirers of Authentic Nordic Sounds Nature mysticism, Swedish legends, magical melodies, and traditional medieval instruments are the components used by Fejd to weave their impressive tapestry of sound. Violins and hurdy-gurdies awaken the dancing elves, while the sound of bagpipes and whistles summon other legendary characters out from the underbrush. In addition, the clean vocals of Patrik Rimmerfors join in to provide the listener with a clear picture of a traveling musician seated before a flickering campfire. Only the drums lend the tracks a breath of the present without ever forcing their way to the forefront. Gems like "Alvas Halling" and "Aring" make Fejd's latest work; "Eifur", a mystic and traditional album that shines a bright light on Sweden's fables and legends. Fejd delivers medieval folk for admirers of authentic Nordic sounds!

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