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GLORIOR BELLI - O'lavdate Dominvs

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Product Type: CD
Title: O'lavdate Dominvs
Catalogue Number: CANDLE223CD
Genre: Black Metal

The classic debut - equisitely filthy & brutal in nature, O'LAVDATE DOMINVS emits a mesmerizing otherworldly resonance. Suffocatingly black & grim, but with a strangely melodic bent. For fans of DEATHSPELL OMEGA, ANTAEUS, FUNERAL MIST & ONDSKAPT.

Glorior Belli came out from the dark in 2002 with Antares & Infestvvs. The first demo, "Evil Archaic Order" was released in June 2004, followed by the first album "Ô Lavdate Dominvs" in May 2005. Despite their exquisitely filthy & brutal nature, both records emit a mesmerizing otherworldly resonance that cannot be denied. An omnious rumble & surge. Always moving forward & to various points of tension & terror. Raging guitars, violent drums, blood & blasphemies... There’s obviously some bestial qualities in their art. The whole thing though has a strangely melodic bent that helps it to stand out from other black metal records, an almost indie-rock quality to the melodies, somehow super catchy while at the same time being suffocatingly black & grim. The band has already performed some live rituals, including the Blood Soaked Torment tour with Corpus Christii in October 2005, playing alongside bands like Inquisition, Watain, Hell Militia, Paragon Impure, The One, Corpus Christii, Anima Damnata & Setherial.