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JANE - Voices

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Product Type: CD
Artist: JANE
Title: Voices
Catalogue Number: CAE 001
Genre: Krautrock, Progressive Rock

Formed in 1970, Peter Panka's "JANE" took just two short years to breakthrough to success with cult German label, Brain. Following the release of the classic LP "together", Jane had a personnel change and moved away from their original formula - losing them the likenings to Pink Flloyd that they had earned through their earlier releases. After many years ranking alongside bands such as Grobschnit and Kraftwerk, Jane are now ready to revitalise the enthusiasm that was shown to their debut LP "Together".

In June 2007, Peter Panka died, aged 59. Peters greatest wish was that the band should continue - and that is a wish that the Band ensure will be realised with the release of their new album "Traces".

 ‘Voices’ - originally released in 2006 - marked a tragic yet convincing turning point in the history of the band: It is the last piece with Peter Panka alongside his comrades as the vocalist and drummer This album is lovingly re-released to celebrate and remember the late, great, Peter Panka.