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JARBOE - Mahakali LTD ED (US Digipack Version)

Our Price: $ 24.99
Product Type: LTD ED Digi CD
Artist: JARBOE
Title: Mahakali LTD ED (US Digipack Version)
Catalogue Number: TE117
Genre: Experimental, Metal, Post Rock

Jarboe, best known for her legendary work with SWANS, NEUROSIS, JUSTIN K BROADRICK, etc. delivers her finest work to-date. "Mahakali" features Phil Anselmo (DOWN, PANTERA) & Attila Csihar (MAYHEM, SUNN O))), SKITLIV), members of UNSANE, AMBER ASYLUM & more! Production by Colin Marston (BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS, DYSRYTHMIA, BYLA, KRALLICE).

"Jarboe is a sonic counterpoint to the doomy squall that generally accompanies her." - MAGNET MAGAZINE