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JIZZY PEARL - Vegas Must Die!

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Product Type: CD
Title: Vegas Must Die!
Catalogue Number: M 7168 2
Genre: Hard Rock

Jizzy Pearl entered the L.A. music scene at the onset of the 90’s with the well-known hard rock act “Love/Hate” with whom he recorded three records and enjoyed worldwide notoriety. After gleaning substantial critical acclaim and further exposure through MTV, he left Love/Hate and subsequently replaced Phil Lewis as the lead singer of L.A. GUNS. Jizzy recorded and toured with L.A. Guns before becoming the singer of Ratt several years ago.

While off the road he spent the remainder of his time during the last few years as lead singer of Adler’s Appetite, a band he formed with ex-Guns ‘N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler. Always a band member and collaborator, Jizzy has finally made a record his way. “Vegas Must Die” is a classic rock masterpiece, bringing to mind artists as diverse as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Alice Cooper, yet retaining Jizzy’s strong vocal personality at every turn. “Vegas Must Die” confirms what heavy metal/hard rock fans have known for years; that Jizzy Pearl is both one of rock’s most talented songwriters and stylized singers.