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Product Type: CD
Title: Festival
Catalogue Number: AFM 288-2
Genre: Power Metal

The screams for a reunion of the legendary SAVATAGE become less and less. One reason for this definitely is JON OLIVA´S PAIN, the new band of Jon "Mountain King" Oliva, the mastermind/singer/keyboard player behind Savatage. In fact JON OLIVA`S PAIN offers what Savatage did in their glorious days; it´s all here: the master´s unmistakable voice, the classic yet unique songwriting and even evolvements and some experiments here and there.

JON OLIVA`S PAIN is now back with their fourth studio album "Festival". A bombastic title for a bombastic record, indeed. Like the master announced it some time ago, "Festival" could be described as a mix of "Hall Of The Mountain King" (Savatage) and the second JON OLIVA`S PAIN album "Maniacal Renderings". Epic compositions culminate with rough, heavy rockers, all melt together by Jon´s unique style of composing. After the more experimental last JOP album "Global Warning" from 2008, "Festival" is now more "basic" again. Less slow tracks, more metal. Expect Oliva´s special humour shine through at any time, displaying his view of the world today in his very own sarcastic way – as it used to be. But again you also find his other side, the helplessly romantic and pure. The musical genious Jon Olivas was and has ever been the driving creative force behind Savatage. Now "Festival" marks the next step in the continuing legacy of the "Mountain King". It´s once again a unique and unmatched piece of work by one of the scene´s last originals.