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JOYLESS - Wisdom & Arrogance

Our Price: $ 26.98
Product Type: CD
Title: Wisdom & Arrogance
Catalogue Number: NC 114
Genre: Black Metal, Misanthropic Pop

Re-release of this fantastic misanthropic Pop Album with 1 Bonustrack! Arisen from the crypts of FORGOTTEN WOODS, Norwegian JOYLESS dared to experiment & leave most black metal ethics behind, resulting in (as of yet) two amazing albums, of which the second one from 2000 now gets its deserved reissue! Exploring grey post-punk sounds (read: JOY DIVISION, early CURE and COCTEAU TWINS) and adding female vocals (a harsh mix of Kate Bush and CRANBERRIES' Dolores Mary), this is a daring grim voyage into bleak pop sounds!