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KARELIA - Restless

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Product Type: Digi CD
Title: Restless
Catalogue Number: SOM 158
Genre: Electro, Goth Rock, Heavy Metal, Metal

KARELIA were founded seven years ago with a strong will to play a popular and multi-layered metal, staying away from cliches or genre-typical settings. Following the release of their self-produced demo and shows with acts like KAMELOT, AT VANCE, VANDEN PLAS and DYSLESIA, KARELIA signed in 2003 with Drakkar/Sony-BMG and released their highly successful debut, "Usual Tragedy" (2004). KARELIA's second release, "Raise" (2005, Drakkar/Sony-BMG) was greeted with full applause by the press. This work took a new direction, displaying more personal vocals, songs turning into mid-tempo numbers, and fast double bass and technical virtuosity almost disappearing. This time KARELIA shared the stage with THE GATHERING, CRYSTAL BALL, NIGHTMARE and DAGOBA. For their upcoming album "Restless" KARELIA signed to Season of Mist. "Restless" again indicates changes in their musical style; it turned out a dark electro and at the same time poppy release. KARELIA already promoted their new songs through a highly successful French tour supporting THE SCORPIONS and playing before thousands of people!