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L.A. GUNS - Tales From The Strip

Our Price: $ 25.99
Product Type: CD
Artist: L.A. GUNS
Title: Tales From The Strip
Catalogue Number: M 7171 2
Genre: Hard Rock

The brand new studio album from the veteran L.A. sleaze rockers. L.A. Guns emerged on the scene as an L.A. super group in the late 80's and struck gold with a series of albums that appealed to metal fans but were heavily steeped in the time honored tradition of hard rock and roll. Vocalist Phil Lewis has long been one of rock’s greatest frontmen, possessing a distinctive voice that at times reveals his British heritage. Having much more in common with groups such as the Stones, AC/DC, and the New York Dolls than most bands from the metal scene, L.A. Guns are one of the few bands from this era who have maintained both a healthy fan base and an active international touring schedule. “Tales From The Strip” is a reference to the band’s long time affiliation with L.A.’s legendary rock scene, whose hub is the renowned Sunset Strip. The album’s lyrical focus is inspired by the historically significant rock scene that L.A. GUNS had a strong hand in creating. With producer Andy Johns at the helm, L.A. GUNS delivers a new studio record of original songs that proves, without a doubt, that L.A. GUNS are at the top of their game.

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