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Our Price: $ 27.99
Product Type: Digi CD
Title: The Grandiose Nowhere LTD ED
Catalogue Number: NPR 332 LTD
Genre: Gothic Rock

Ltd Ed Digipack incl. 2 Bonus Tracks. Soulful Emotional Melancholic Gothic Rock Masters Melancholic somber hearts und gothic rock enthusiasts may sigh with anticipatory relief, as Lacrimas Profundere embarks on a new journey into their unique world. The chartbreakers and rock 'n' sad innovators will finally release their eagerly awaited new album "The Grandiose Nowhere" is destined to do away with all previous comparisons to other bands. It does not limit itself to one particular genre, as the musicians revolving around founding member Oliver Nikolas have created a masterpiece that adheres to their very own musical style. Frontman Rob Vitacca and colleagues have procured a balance between genuine gothic rock and gentle ballads that is heavier than The 69 Eyes, more sweeping and sophisticated than H.I.M., and even more melancholic than The Sisters of Mercy. The new songs change effortlessly between untamed emotion and bleak melancholy. Once again, John Fryer (H.I.M., Depeche Mode, Paradise Lost) refined the album's sound. While it was not a simple task to outdo their successful German-chart-topping album "Songs for the last View", Lacrimas Profundere has found a way. "The Grandiose Nowhere" presents fans with a unique release that serves as the perfect soundtrack for walks on New York City's rooftops! 9 ? weeks meets Sleepy Hollow!