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LONG VOYAGE BACK - Close To Animal

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Product Type: CD
Title: Close To Animal
Catalogue Number: MIM7335-2CD
Genre: Progressive Metal

Phil Gresik, solo songwriter & former member of DESTROYER 666, has been instrumental in a number of Australia's finest Metal Supergroups: HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH, BESTIAL WARLUST & MASS CONFUSION! This third journey is an eclectic release, which is unified by a continual excellence. Brooding atmospheres underpin post-modern Metal arrangements, & with a visionary songwriting craft, these pieces are unique, without sounding foregin to the ear. Once again exhilarating female vocals have been used, creating a fine balance between GRESIK's darker & sometimes more somber voice. With the track 'Oceans', Phil has written his modern day masterpiece, a must hear!!!