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MAEL MORDHA - Damned When Dead (CD)

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Product Type: CD
Title: Damned When Dead (CD)
Catalogue Number: CANDLE416CD
Genre: Doom Metal, Folk Rock

Mael Mórdha’s sound is a unique fusion of traditional Irish folk laments and elegies with the crushing power of doom metal.

The band views its music as conduit between this world and the spirit world and its songs provide a dark, melancholy and epic soundtrack to historical and mythological tales of ancient Ireland.

In recent years the band has performed at select shows and festivals throughout Europe and America where it’s use of traditional Irish instrumentation along with woad body paint in its uniquely atmospheric live performances have earned it a loyal and growing following.

"We are very honored to join the Candlelight roster. To be included among such talented artists is very humbling, and we thank the great people at Candlelight for giving us the opportunity." - Mael Mórdha