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MORGUL - All Dead Here

Our Price: $ 24.99
Product Type: CD
Artist: MORGUL
Title: All Dead Here
Catalogue Number: SOM 103
Genre: Black Metal

All dead here... Indeed a fitting description of our world today, and a statement that accurately describes the state of the human flock. Also it is the appropriately titled new release from Norway’s MORGUL. With previous releases such as “Parody of the Mass”, “The Horror Grandeur” and “Sketch of Supposed Murderer”, MORGUL has already left its mark on the metal scene, and with the new release “All Dead Here…” MORGUL is sure to leave a lasting impact on the listener. While old influences are never forgotten, MORGUL is never afraid to explore new territories and soundscapes, but yet never strays too far from the path of metal. With familiar orchestral arrangements and dark, sinister themes, “All Dead Here…” is a collage of sounds, moods and images that takes the listener through the cold, spiteful depths of the creator’s mind.

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