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MORTILLERY - Murder Death Kill

Our Price: $ 24.99
Product Type: CD
Title: Murder Death Kill
Catalogue Number: NPR 438
Genre: Thrash Metal

Ltd Ed incl. 3 Bonus Tracks. Traditional Thrash Metal from Canada with Female Singer: Death To All Posers. MORTILLERY's debut is the living proof that Thrash Metal is still alive and well! Hailing from Edmonton, the band is hungry, ferocious, full of energy and seems to be able to write great songs in their sleep. The first riffs are statement enough that this album will result in a serious whiplash. The sound of "Murder Death Kill" is straight-in-your face, frontlady Cara takes no prisoners and is an absolute killer at the microphone. The riffs and leads are surely given the traditional legends of the genre a run for their money. Anybody still not fully convinced will find themselves entirely whiplashed by the brutal drumming, just before going down unconsciously with a big smile on the face. MORTILLERY will not just satisfy fans of the genre but also convert "newbie's" to "Die-Hard" Thrash Metal Fans. Death to all Posers!

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