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MY RUIN - Speak & Destroy LTD ED

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Product Type: Digi CD
Artist: MY RUIN
Title: Speak & Destroy LTD ED
Catalogue Number: MASS CD 1355 DG
Genre: Hard Rock

My Ruin are a Los Angeles-based hard rock band fronted by Tairrie B (former vocalist of Tura Satana and Manhole and solo rapper). The LP was released in 1999, immediately gaining world-wide attention, with most success noted in the United Kingdom. Showcasing a truly significant style, “Speak and Destroy” delivered a powerful combination of modern heavy metal with a variety of vocals, from spoken word and rapping to violent, merciless screaming. The album’s industrial edge helped the overall sound balance between hardcore riffing and psychedelic melodies. But the thing that made “Speak and Destroy” such a remarkable release was the lyrical content. Tairrie focused on the darkest and most painful aspects of her life, producing some of the most personal and thought-provoking lyrics in the history of heavy music. “Horrible Pain (Within My Heart)” reveals the duality of human nature, describing a demonic figure that’s both frightening and fascinating. “Absolution” is a testimony of pain and suffering caused by the loved one, ending with a violent promise of revenge. “Cosmetic” criticizes the sacrifice of inner beauty in the name of shallow appearance. “Blasphemous Girl” is a brutally honest self-analysis accompanied by chugging guitar sounds comparable to early Soungarden or Hole. “Terror”, a frightening monologue, reveals Tairrie’s strength as a woman and in the following lines gives away the source of the group’s name: “Because nobody is going to ruin me, if I have to I will ruin myself.. And it will be My Ruin”. The lyrics incorporate various references to the Bible (especially to the Book of Revelations), questioning the importance of religion and existence of God, but also focusing on more earthly matters, such as sex or sexism vs. feminism. One of the most surprising tracks on the album is the cover version of Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” – for many fans superior not only to the original, but also to Marilyn Manson’s interpretation. New digipak edition is limited to 1000 copies. Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on a golden disc.

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