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Product Type: CD
Title: Savage Souls
Catalogue Number: MAS CD0500
Genre: Power Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal

German power metal – there are many bands that fit into this category, but most of them follow the paths of the local big names of the scene: Helloween, Gamma Ray, Running Wild, and maybe Grave Digger or the legendary Accept. MYSTIC PROPHECY though have been a band with a "little difference" right from the start orientating towards a more international sound. Taking US power metal bands like Iced Earth as inspiration. This was a wise decision by the band who have established a unique sound which is used to great effect on "Savage Souls" the bands 4th album and first for new label MASSACRE since leaving Nuclear Blast. Opting for more heavy and aggressive sound the album was recorded and mastered at 2Music Factory Studio while the excellent mix was done by Fredrik Nordström, whose Fredman-Studio has been one of the top studios in Europe for years now.