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MZ.412 - Infernal Affairs

Our Price: $ 27.99
Product Type: Digi CD
Artist: MZ.412
Title: Infernal Affairs
Catalogue Number: CMI161
Genre: Dark Ambient, Industrial, Martial Industrial, Neoclassical

After 7 years of hard work MZ.412 finally deliver their swan-song "Infernal Affairs". After the prelude "Domine Rex Inferum" this is the ultimate new album of MZ.412, nothing but pure bombastic evil manifested in explicit sounds; and it is terrifyingly beautiful! As always, based on the dark arts, the sound is classic MZ.412 taken to the extreme and beyond. Whatever dark fetishism you're into, it's all here; from abysmal ambient parts, heavy pounding industrial dance hits, to grand orchestral maneuvers. The Swedish Legion returns to dominate the scene once again, with an album that clearly defines what true black industrial music is all about.... After inventing the style that degenerated an entire genre in the early 90's, they show once again that they are here to lead the way for future generations.... Yes, you may think you've heard it before - but never ever this powerful! No, we're not here to convince you - We're telling you! MZ.412 are the original home for members of many wellknown projects in the electronic scene. The CD comes in an extremely dark and very MZ-stylished embossed digipak.