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Our Price: $ 26.99
Product Type: Digi CD
Title: Antik LTD ED
Catalogue Number: NPR 389 LTD
Genre: Dark Metal, Melodic Black Metal

Re-release Remastered Ltd Ed Digipack incl. Brand-New Artwork and 4 Bonus Tracks. A Somber Dark Metal Masterpiece for Fans of Eisregen "Antik" opens the gates to a dark and morbid musical universe, in which the German formation Nachtblut reigns. In a very short time, this extraordinary band has managed to earn a special cult status within the underground scene and now repays their fans with the perfect gift: the title track "Antik". Nachtblut's sound is built upon a foundation of heavy guitars and keyboard melodies that are both complex and appealing. The tracks "Antik", "Die Blutgräfin", and "Des Menschen Kunst Blindheit zu säen" impressively attest to this sweeping mix and stir a craving to experience the quintet's intensive live show. The critical German lyrics are strikingly performed by frontman Askeroth and center around both social and religious themes, as well as more personal topics. With this album, Nachtblut prepares to conquer the dark scene once and for all. "Antik" will be re-released as a remastered limited edition digipack including brand-new artwork and 4 bonus tracks!