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NADJA - When I See The Sun Always Shines On TV

Our Price: $ 21.99
Product Type: CD
Artist: NADJA
Title: When I See The Sun Always Shines On TV
Catalogue Number: TE134
Genre: Ambient, Atmospheric Rock, Shoegaze

NADJA illustrate their eclectic roots by covering their favorite artists. From My Bloody Valentine and The Cure to artists as impossibly diverse as Slayer and Elliot Smith, this album contains eight carefully-selected covers re-imagined through NADJA’s unique sonic blueprint.

"Nadja slows 'Only Shallow' down, bolts on monstrous guitars, and slathers everything in digital distortion. [...] With an ominous drone underneath, they're downright menacing. Nadja gets at the heart of the appeal of 'Only Shallow.' The song stuffs an oceanful of feeling into several minutes." - PITCHFORK

""Nadja's fuzzed-out spin on MBV's 'Only Shallow' recalls the work of another artist who made the leap of faith from heavy to heady, namely Justin K. Broadrick, formerly of the pioneering industrial-metal project Godflesh and now the man behind oceanic drone-pop outfit Jesu. Translation: Get ready for a brain-grindingly beautiful slo-mo headbang sesh." - TIME OUT NEW YORK

"Nadja’s unabashed love of atonal classical music beams (albeit dully) throughout, stressing lack-of-form over function, making something normally scary into something wholly frightening." - DECIBEL

“Commanding, encompassing and occasionally savage, the album employs all of the band's hallmarks: sinewy strands of guitar layered beyond individual recognition, errant yet powerful percussion and an unconstrained but no less purposeful sense of buildup." - Casey Rae-Hunter, DUSTED MAGAZINE