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OCTOBER FILE - A Long Walk On A Short Pier

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Product Type: CD
Title: A Long Walk On A Short Pier
Catalogue Number: CDHOLE129
Genre: Alternative Metal

Impressive Oxford quartet unleash a ferocious debut.

Now this is what hardcore is about. Driven by the same broad sense of social injustice and chest-beating volume that fuels everyone from Refused to Amen, Propagandhi to Hell Is For Heroes, The October File have the riffs to back up their hard-line stance. Take the well-informed and brutally-delivered expose of US foreign policy, ‘God Hates America’ - the type of anthem you’d punch holes in the ceiling to. You suspect The October File are smart enough to realise that few bands can change the world but they can change their world Which is precisely why this album sounds like its played as if lives depend on it. Potentially revolutionary. KKKK Kerrang!

The October File debut album is here and the thing was worth the wait. After the bands critically acclaimed EP "How To Lose Friends And Alienate People" the band have been talked about highly in all corners and all the promise the EP had has all been delivered in one hate filled angry and diverse album. The band move in all directions, from one track to the next and even within tracks, they do it with conviction, elegance and originality rarely found in music these days. "From the bulging muscularity of "Dead Air Transmission" to the sub-surface wrath of "Landslide", this is hard as fuck and unpretentious to the core" KKKK Kerrang! (Single of the Week)

"Sonic scientists reinvent the art of noise" Big Cheese Magazine

"The debut release by Brit outfit October File is quite simply a breath of fresh air. Their taught angular riffs and deliberately muddy basslines don’t strictly fall into either the emo or metalcore camps, but straddle the two equally well, while incorporating the art rock of Earthtone 9 (all be it in a punk stylee) - promising stuff" 8/10 Metal Hammer

"With impenetrable layers of scuzzy guitars, well placed melodies and murky hardcore aspirations, this is as original as heavy gets" Rock Sound