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ODIUM - The Sad Realm Of The Stars - Reissue (CD)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: ODIUM
Title: The Sad Realm Of The Stars - Reissue (CD)
Catalogue Number: Blood-036
Genre: Black Metal

Norway's ODIUM sparked up in 1994, as part of the early Norwegian black metal scene, bringing an added twist of outer space madness. Their sole recorded full-length "THE SAD REALM OF THE STARS" was released in 1998 to strong underground acclaim on Samoth's (EMPEROR) Nocturnal Art Productions with insane cover art by Morfeus (LIMBONIC ART). The album was subsequently left as a curio of late 90's black metal nostalgia, as its members went on to other horizons (ZYKLON-B, MYRKSKOG and live performances with 1349, DIMMU BORGIR, EMPEROR).

This is the first time this album has seen an official pressing in fifteen years and now features the entire studio output of the unit, including a rare 2001 single, "Altering the State of Being". The original artwork was salvaged, and the band remastered the entire album with their personal engineer, creating a more full and updated sound.