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OHM: - Ohm:

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Product Type: CD
Artist: OHM:
Title: Ohm:
Catalogue Number: 3022-2
Genre: Heavy Metal

Chris Poland's Debut rock instrumental power trio. Heavier record with a focus on songwriting & melodic content. OHM, brainchild of Chris Poland, former lead guitarist of MEGADETH, takes instrumental recording to new heights. Poland's unmistakable clean; overdriven tone & legato phrasing make him instantly recognisable. Poland has been praised by many of his peers as one of the greatest guitar players in the world. Robby Pagliari, OHM's six-string fretless bass player, is every angry ounce of ten different bass players all rolled into one smooth, quiet & dynamic alien being. Kofi Baker, son of famed drummer Ginger Baker keeps time more precise than the atomic clock but with the power of heavyweight Mike Tyson, & the finesse of Muhammad Ali.