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PALEHORSE - Harm Starts Here (CD)

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Product Type: CD
Title: Harm Starts Here (CD)
Catalogue Number: CANDLE414CD
Genre: Doom Metal

The musical equivalent of casually firing up a chainsaw at a local library, Palehorse have been challenging tastes, ignoring trends, losing friends and hurting feelings since their inception in 2000.
Formed during rambling early hours discussions in a loved - but badly neglected - North London flat, the two bass band quickly made an impact on the underground UK music scene through their use of alienating volume, jolting reprieve and passive aggression.
Their latest long player 'Harm Starts Here' will was recorded live at Bush Studios by long-time friend and collaborator John Macedo, the tracks capture the band in an authentically raw and brutal mood, whilst shining a light on the subtle dynamic touches at play.