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PALLBEARER - Sorrow & Extinction (DIGI CD)

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Product Type: Digi CD
Title: Sorrow & Extinction (DIGI CD)
Catalogue Number: PFL089
Genre: Doom Metal

Even though they’ve only been around a couple of years, PALLBEARER (hailing from Little Rock Arkansas) have already generated a huge buzz within the doom metal scene in their short existence as a band, and never before has a new band within doom metal gained such hype as PALLBEARER have. All this done with their three-song 2010 demo which in itself made a big impact within the doom metal scene, the demo in which the band pressed a limited 300 unit run on cassette that sold out almost instantly. By encompassing the more traditional metal style of their brand of doom, PALLBEARER’s sound takes cue from such legendary doom metal bands as Candlemass, Trouble, and Warning along with a ‘70s prog influence likewise that finds its way into the band’s epic yet sorrowful odes. Through powerful melodies, epic and somber passages of gloom, and with the stand out soaring vocals from vocalist Brett Campbell (who sounds like a young Ozzy Osbourne in his prime), PALLBEARER’s debut album shall immediately throw the four-piece right into the doom metal spotlight as one of America’s mightiest exports within the genre.

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