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SAMMATH NAUR - Self-Proclaimed Existence

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Product Type: CD
Title: Self-Proclaimed Existence
Catalogue Number: MMP CD 0602
Genre: Avantgarde, Black Metal, Death Metal

Polish label Empire Records the album "Self Proclaimed Existence" was released in December 2005 in conjunction with Thrash'em All magazine. The CD comprised of 11 tracks. The music was faster and far more aggressive - it's really didn't sound like anything on the first two demos. The style of creating music by merging various musical genres, first attempted on “The Forever War”, was explored more deeply on this album. The assimilation of such diverse styles as black/death metal, classical rock, new age, film scores, symphonic and choir music resulted in a unique creation that couldn't be categorized, stereotyped or pigeon-holed. Thanks to this album, the true potential of Sammath Naur's musicians has been noticed very quickly by other artists. Presently, Lestath is also a drummer in Esqarial and V plays with Vesania. And today Metal Mind Productions presents the first official release of this fantastic album.