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SANDSTONE - Purging The Past

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Product Type: CD
Title: Purging The Past
Catalogue Number: LMP 0910-116
Genre: Melodic Metal, Progressive Metal

If you're hailing from Derry / Northern Ireland and you're in a band, of course the usual cliché bands spring to mind: Thin Lizzy, Rory Gallagher, Gary Moore, U2... What have all these outfits in common? They're no real Metal bands. SANDSTONE, though, could change this status pretty soon. These four young men have just released their second album, titled "Purging The Past", and have all the necessary prerequisites to be an international success. Their mix of tight Power Metal spiced with a decent dash of melodious Progressive is riveting and reminds you a bit of Fates Warning, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, or even Guns'n'Roses. The latter may be a bit odd, some will say, but SANDSTONE dare and manage the almost impossible, creating a versatile, exciting, and unique style.