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SECHT - True Narcotic Black Metal

Our Price: $ 25.99
Product Type: CD
Artist: SECHT
Title: True Narcotic Black Metal
Catalogue Number: ANP-002
Genre: Black Metal

Is truly unique..its pure fucking hell. In lack of words to describe the atmosphere & feeling of this album, we will just stick with the fact that current and ex members from AURA NOIR, CARPATHIAN FOREST, DARKTHRONE, GORGOROTH, NEETZACH, DODHEIMSGARD, TAAKE & TSJUDER (+ + + more) have participated on this masterpiece! 37 minutes of continuous hell...No samples or keyboards, just sounds from cursed souls screaming from the deepest pits of hell. A musical piece of satanic madness. Recorded in a cabin deep in the forest...You have never heard anything like this!