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THE 11th HOUR - Burden Of Grief

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Product Type: CD
Artist: THE 11th HOUR
Title: Burden Of Grief
Catalogue Number: NPR 312
Genre: Doom Metal

Pitch-Black Doom Metal featuring Ed Warby ( Gorefest ) and Rogga Johansson ( Edge Of Sanity ) Vocals. The 11th Hour describes the terrifying and unsettling final days of a man facing death. Haunted by nightmares, the protagonist attempts to come to terms with his past and in his last hours, somehow find redemption. The 6-track CD "Burden of Grief" takes the listener on a journey to immesasurable murky depths far removed from any fantastic or gothic cliché. Mastermind and multi-talented musician Ed Warby (Gorefest, Hail of Bullets, Ayreon) is responsible for not only the music, but also myriad instruments, while partner-in-crime Rogga Johansson (Edge of Sanity, Demiurg) lends his unmistakable guttural vocals to the mix. This maelstrom of pitch-black doom metal makes use of heavy riffs, melancholic piano passages, and monolithic song structures to express the protagonist's desperation. The lyrical concept is a collaboration between both Ed and Rogga. Mick Koopman, who previously worked for Hail of Bullets and Asphyx, provides the artwork that completes the impressive debut album. "Burden of Grief" is perfect for fans of Draconian as well as Isole, and also the ideal album with which to sink into the morbid beauty of the coming dark season.

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