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THE BULLETMONKS - Weapons Of Mass Destruction

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Product Type: CD
Title: Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Catalogue Number: NPR 289
Genre: Rock & Roll

Mosh'n' Roll for fans of Danko Jones, Volbeat and Gluecifer. With their impressive debut album, The Bulletmonks prove that rock music is not a thing of the past. The German formation celebrates down-to-earth music laden with loud guitars. Their energy-loaded brand of mosh'n'roll moves forth, taking no prisoners along the way, but rather leaving behind a wide array of catchy choruses in its wake. The outstanding musicianship reaches the highest of levels and presents the listener with a good dose of grooves, beats, and much melody-the perfect mix of mosh and rock'n'roll. "Weapons of Mass Destruction" provides the first major steps in the band's journey to conquer Rock Olympus; a path that undoubtedly will be paved with massive riffs and surefire beats.